Spanner Sport Rocks

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Our sporting facilities include among other:  3 rugby fields, cricket fields, 2 netball/ tennis courts, 4 cricket nets, 2 indoor netball/ cricket arenas, fully equipped gym, tartan facilities on the terrain for our  athletics field items, pole fault facilities, discus/shot put ring and two international standard hammer throw cages.


I’m a year older than my friends in grade 7.  May I already play for the Spanners?

Yep, you certainly can!  Please contact our head of sport, Mr Stefan Geldenhuys for more information.  You can reach him on 016 976 0760.

THS does not offer Judo as a formal activity.  What if I get SA colours in Judo, will I still be awarded my colours for Judo at school?

If you take part in any sport that we do not formally offer at school, we will give you full credit for your achievements in that sport.  And, if you bring us enough friends who would like to compete in that specific sport, we will start a club at school especially for you!

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